A wide range of high-quality decorative panels designed to suit all types of furniture and interior projects.

Innovation, Design and Sustainability

ALVIC panels combine over 50 years of experience and innovation in manufacturing. Decorative surfaces engineered from wood that, thanks to applying our pioneering technologies, achieve excellent physical-mechanical properties. ALVIC panels can be used for interior design, cabinetry, and furniture applications. More than 100 in-stock designs and finishes created to inspire and provide solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Standard Measurements 4 ft x 9 ft x 18 mm (48 in x 108 in x ~3/4 in)
Other thicknesses are available 8 mm (~1/4 in) in select colors.

Technical specifications

Quality at its Core

The board base is key to obtaining the best results with our technologies. We work with MDF and chipboard, as well as waterproof and fireproof boards to adapt to the needs of the market, and look for the best combination with our surface technologies.


We have different technologies that, when applied to the panels, offer high-quality and highly aesthetic panels: high gloss lacquered surfaces such as Luxe, matte lacquered surfaces such as Zénit, as well as textured surfaces such as Syncron.

Matching Edges and Laminates

To give the most complete offering, we carry matching ABS edge for all of our stock colors & designs. Select phenolic and PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) laminates also available.

Ecological panels

Our boards are composed of wood fiber or particles that come from certified forest stewardship processes, as well as recycled material. In addition, the manufacturing process is focused on creating new and improved products that are more resistant to the passage of time and daily use, thus increasing their useful life and, therefore, reducing their environmental impact.

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Three proprietary finishes, each with their own special characteristics and benefits. Learn more about LUXE, ZENIT, and SYNCRON.

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