For our company, sustainable development is more than just a priority, it is an essential part of our values.

Committed to the environment

We know how important it is to protect and take care of our ecosystems, so we always work respectfully and responsibly regarding the environment. We develop new processes that allow us to continue minimising our environmental impact and we apply them everywhere we operate.
We have integrated sustainability into the company’s value chain, from our factories and distribution centres to our offices and showrooms.


For our company, sustainable development is more than just a priority, it is an essential part of our values


We create sustainable surfaces and furniture components

Our commitment to the environment is supported by international certifications that demonstrate that we only use chain-of-custody certified raw materials from forest products from sustainably managed forests, as well as industrial processes that comply with environmental protection laws.


Download our certificates that certify our commitment to the environment.


Like you, we believe that the future of the planet is the best investment

All our industrial plants invest a large part of their resources in the creation, development and implementation of processes that ensure respect for the environment in all our production, continuously seeking possibilities for improvement and innovation in the field of sustainability, too.

We are not satisfied with just recycling

We separate and recycle 90% of the non-hazardous waste we produce to ensure our business is more respectful of the environment. In addition, since 2019 we have managed to reduce the production of this type of waste by 5%, further reducing our environmental impact.

We are not satisfied with just recycling and we use the waste from our production processes. For example, we convert sawdust into biomass to generate energy in our factories and take the wood waste to plants where it is converted into particleboard. In this way, we avoid unnecessary waste and take advantage of materials that are usually discarded.

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