Innovation is one of the pillars of Grupo ALVIC. Through our Innovation Laboratory and our factories, we are always looking for a continuous improvement in processes, and in the development of cutting-edge technologies that provide solutions and creativity to the market.

Our DNA, innovating year after year

At ALVIC, we understand innovation as a whole, as a transversal process, which leads us to investigate trends and new designs, develop new products, and efficiently improve our services.

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High response capacity

At ALVIC, we have more than 100,000 m2 of industrial land equipped with the most advanced technology that allows us to adapt to market demand and offer the most avant-garde and highest-quality products on the market.
Thanks to innovation in processes, our factories have an annual production that places us as leaders in the furniture market.

7 M./m2

Luxe and Zenit panels

2 M./m2

Syncron panels

10 M./und

Finished piece

At the forefront of technology

As a result of our desire to innovate, and our policy of reinvesting profits in R&D&I, we have created pioneering technologies that are references in the market. Luxe (high gloss), Zénit (supermatt and silky) and Syncron (textured and natural), now present on five continents.

85 %

reinvested in R&D&I


Award for the most innovative company

Innovation Laboratory

ALVIC has an Innovation Centre dedicated to the development and research of new products and pioneering technologies. The room, named Alejandro Rosales, pays homage to the company’s founder and focuses on the company’s innovative spirit.
In addition, it has become a meeting point within the company where ideas can be shared in an environment that promotes inspiration, creation and the development of innovative projects.

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Processes and services

Since its founding in 1965, innovation has been the protagonist in the 50-year history of our company. Our processes and products, always pioneering, have contributed to improving quality, competitiveness and versatility both in the furniture sector and in interior decoration projects.
Our continuous commitment to innovation leads us to offer, in addition to the most avant-garde products, an exclusive and quality service to our customers.

Made to Order Cabinet Doors

At ALVIC, we innovate and invest in technology to improve production and services to our customers. Our made to order cabinet doors are a versatile complement to our panel production allowing us to be your single-source partner.

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Design-oriented innovation

Here at ALVIC, we maintain a strong creative commitment, innovating and developing new designs and finishes that create trends, provide new products and give designers, architects and interior designers maximum room for expression in their projects.


At ALVIC, we innovate trendy designs that adapt to any lifestyle. We launch new designs and collections each year, which join a wide range of carefully selected colours, with unique finishes and extraordinary quality that multiply possibilities in the most avant-garde projects. Monocolours, woods and materials perfect for application in all types of furniture and interior decoration.

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Over 100 colors await to inspire your next project! From solids to woodgrains, textiles, and special metallic effects, our colors are designed to set spaces apart.

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Three proprietary finishes, each with their own special characteristics and benefits. Learn more about LUXE, ZENIT, and SYNCRON.

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