Marble inspiration

10 June 2020

Do you know what one of the trends in decoration and design this year is? Marble finishes for homes. A modern and practical covering that always expresses distinction and elegance. This covering is perfect for walls, furniture and even fireplaces.

Marble designs have become an ideal option for those unsatisfied with conventional design and wanting to give their homes a different touch. It is also a product of great durability, and is extremely practical for its easy cleaning.

If you are thinking of dressing your home in marble, discover the variety of applications of ALVIC materials for this type of covering. You will be amazed by these three original coverings: Oriental White SM, Oriental Black SS and Oriental Versilia. Elegant, practical and on trend. Don’t miss out!

Oriental White SS

White is always on trend in the design and decoration of homes. It provides light and spaciousness, making this covering perfect for creating stylish environments. Perfect for those wanting to enjoy a sophisticated covering on walls.

Oriental Black SS

Black always brings an elegant and sophisticated touch to any home, and, this year, it’s also in fashion. If you’re looking for a covering that can bring a radical change to your home, you will be enchanted by Oriental Black SS.

Mármol Versilia SS

Finally, we would like to highlight the Versilia Marble SS covering, which will give your home a modern and unconventional touch. It’s the perfect option for the walls of your home, for the most demanding of you.

Get inspired by Disak interior design, an exclusive combination of Zenit Oriental Black and Luxe Cuzco Gold.