Marble inspiration

13 July 2020

The bathroom has become one of the key rooms in our homes. It is a place of refuge and relaxation, to rinse away all the stress of the day to day. Colours, sizes and shapes are important decisions to make when designing the perfect bathroom. Knowing the context of the room is one of the keys to choosing the right on-trend colour for your bathroom, since one colour or another will influence the effect of both natural and artificial light.

Visual simplicity in modern bathrooms, with straight lines and little touches of personality, is the trend triumphing in 2020. For this, Luxe helps you choose the best for your bathroom, with durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, glossy and colour-stable coverings ideal for a minimalist bathroom, all in the same tone.

Five colour lines in particular are trending in 2020. Visual simplicity with a perfect finish can make your bathroom a great space to enjoy, since your mood can be influenced by the tones you have chosen. We present to you five shades from the Luxe by Alvic range of coverings:

Cold tones

Cold tones create a calm atmosphere and the sensation of spaciousness and freshness. Blue or emerald green tones evoke relaxation, nature and well-being. What better than being in the bathtub with a visual suggestion of sea water. It can improve mood and creativity. Luxe seawater coverings, in cold tones, against a contrast of white is one of the most popular combinations.

White tones:

Without a doubt, white is the predominant colour by far when it comes to choosing bathroom coverings. It helps create a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. Luxe polar white, in particular, is an ideal colour to combine with accessories chosen for the space. White coverings create a clean, spacious and crisp look. This will evoke a sensation of peace and quiet when you enter your bathroom.

Dark tones

Dark tones are the most feared, since they tend to make a space feel smaller. They are tones for those that like to take risks, though well combined they will always triumph. Dark coverings set next to a white sink can add a touch of relaxation. Luxe’s combination of black and anthracite grey, together with white and gold, is the epitome of elegance, distinction and sobriety in the bathroom.

Grey tones

With modern, straight lines, grey is the leading colour in 2020. Warm tones aren’t the only ones that can bring warmth to a bathroom, a grey tone can also offer a fine dose of harmony and balance on a daily basis. With the Luxe basalt colour, you can’t go wrong.

Warm tones

Warm tones are those that bring light, joy and happiness to the bathroom. They stimulate the senses and transmit vitality. Warm coverings such as the Luxe curry tone create a cosy atmosphere that will work well with any bathroom design, from minimalist to rustic.