Just In Time Service

Just In Time offers a fast, flexible and personalised response to your business needs.

We make the impossible possible

At ALVIC, we innovate and invest in technology to improve production and service for our customers. With this in mind, our Just In Time service was born in Batch Size 1, which offers you more than 150 references in a very short period of time to make your projects a reality.

7 days

Delivery time

+ 150


5 years


What does Just in Time offer you?

Choose from a wide variety of designs

Over 150 references, edgings and handles, available for all your projects.

Order piece by piece

Request only the amount and measures of panels or edged pieces that you need.

Receive your order quickly

We deliver your orders just in time to provide a rapid, personalised response.

Immediate replacement service

In case of a change or defect, you will have the piece instantly.

Request Just in Time catalogue

Discover our range of more than 150 references available in both doors and panels.

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Discover our Designs

Over 100 colors await to inspire your next project! From solids to woodgrains, textiles, and special metallic effects, our colors are designed to set spaces apart.

Explore our Finish Technologies

Three proprietary finishes, each with their own special characteristics and benefits. Learn more about LUXE, ZENIT, and SYNCRON.

Shop Samples

Our online store is the place to shop for color and door samples in our vast range of designs.