All of our finish collections are instilled with quality and longevity, making our panels and components perfect for high-traffic commercial spaces.

International Project Gallery

Only a leading organisation in the manufacture of surfaces and components for decorative furniture such as ALVIC, with the capacity to mobilise significant resources, can carry out large projects.
ALVIC is a global company with presence in over 100 countries. Explore some of the most inspiring residential and commercial projects that use ALVIC materials and components.


Lladró Boutique

The well-known porcelain firm Lladró relies on ALVIC products in the creation of its boutique in Madrid’s Golden Mile.


Elena García Terrón Pharmacy

A commercial space that combines health & nature, where finish and design come together to interpret nature in its purest form.


Santander Bank

The Santander Bank branch in the heart of London utilises Alvic’s Luxe Rojo design for the decoration and panelling of its space.


Contrasts for a modern kitchen

The unique qualities of the Luxe and Zenit panels make them perfect allies for modern kitchens. This spacious kitchen, located in a single-family home in the United States, offers an inviting space for the whole family to cook and relax together.


Flash Moda TVE set

The Flash Moda TVE set uses Alvic panels for its decoration, creating an elegant and professional space.


Modular Home

ALVIC creates its MODULAR HOME space, the modular residence made with the brand’s panels and sustainable components, designed by architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez. ALVIC volumes make up the home – Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, Library, Gym, etc. – making the most of its m3.

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