ALVIC presents its MODULAR HOME space the modular house created with sustainable panels and components

27 April 2022

ALVIC presents its “MODULAR HOME” space, the modular home created with panels and sustainable components of the brand, and designed by the architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez.
ALVIC volumes that make up a home -Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Library, Gym, etc- making the most of the m3 of the house.

ALVIC is participating for the sixth consecutive year in Casa Decor 2022, which will take place from 7 April to 22 May 2022 at 89 Goya Street. In this edition, the brand reinvents the way of designing a home, with the help of the Ruiz Velázquez studio, and once again shows the versatility of its surfaces and components applied in each space of the house.

The success of this new project for Casa Decor 2022, by the Ruiz Velázquez studio, is the breadth of functions and the awakening of emotions in a home of only 45m2. A home as a centre of wealth for the human being, where a design defined by need and adaptable to our lives is proposed.

This new housing concept maximises usability and takes full advantage of the performance of the ALVIC company’s material, creating a type of prefabricated constructive use that is totally free of decorative conventions. The void is built with ALVIC volumes of mobile, dry-assembled wood, freeing the space for things to happen around it.

This home responds to a new reality, in which it will be possible to change forms without much effort, creating a multifunctional house with living and changing spaces, awakening the senses of the inhabitant on a daily basis.

With these modules we make the most of the m3 of the house. They will be structured from the three-dimensionality of the space in width, length and, especially, in height; one of the least used coordinates in the design of flats in the city, being only 3m.
Constructively it is a sustainable design, with 100% recyclable boards, a model of constructive eco-design, systematised and intelligently articulated in accordance with the needs of our times. A space built in a modular and fully adaptable way.

The chosen designs belong to the new Pigments Collection by ALVIC, which goes to the origin of colour in nature, and seeks to bring vitality and create spaces of well-being. The most outstanding are the almagra, tortora and camel in its Zenit technology – a super matt lacquered surface with a silk touch, highly resistant and anti-fingerprint, perfect for different applications in the home. And the Olmo design in the Syncron technology that brings the warmth and naturalness of wood, with a great realism in its textured finish. Combining perfectly with the rest of the range, uniting all spaces.